The team behind Bullfinch:

We are an international team of industry experts and digital
creatives based in Berlin, Frankfurt, Barcelona, Madrid and Zurich.

Our management team and our Executive Board

Hugo Merida-Barba
Simon Bartmann
Gabriele Donino
Chief Technology Officer
Annie Dalietou
Chief Financial Officer
Dr. Hendrik Aßmus
Chief Legal and Compliance Officer
Nicholas von Tippelskirch
Chair of Supervisory Board
Dr. Marlon Brauman
Supervisory Board Member
Dr. Christoph Wetzel
Supervisory Board Member
Dr. Arndt Neuhaus
Supervisory Board member
Supervisory Board

The management team is supported by a strong Supervisory Board

Sales & Marketing

Our Sales & Marketing Team

Julian Kaupper
Marketing and Strategic Partnership
Carla Almaguer
Commercial Operations
Christian Richter
Commercial Product Manager
Daniela Fromm
Customer Center
Mohamad Hamed
Key Account Manager
Gonzalo Secades
Head of Iberia & Latam
Arani The
Investment Director
Davide Sperotto
Investment Manager
Investment & Portfolio

We structure investment opportunities and secure funds to support cleantech projects

Operations Team

We make sure that our partners get the best out of our solutions and handle the day-to-day operations of our business processes.

Martin Hintz
Head of Asset Operations
Josephine Cecilie Busch
Junior Asset Operations Analyst
Lubica Polacikova
Head of HR
Valentin Jiménez Anders
Asset Operations Associate
Abla Serghini
Risk Manager
Jonas mountain
Finance Manager
Manar Ellauzi
Reporting Officer
Martin Neary
Credit Risk Manager
Finance & Risk

We are building the Bullfinch platform to give investors access to green energy investment opportunities.

Tech Team

We are building the Bullfinch platform to give investors access to green energy investment opportunities.

Hanna Schmidts
Head of Digital Product
Nicola Timonicini
Head of Software Engineering
Andrea Pedretti
Head of Data Engineering
Francesco Beradi
Senior Flutter Developer
Ignacio Franco
Data Scientist
Ivan Territo
Senior Flutter Developer
Jose Angel Rodriguez
Backend Software Engineer
Pavel Kebets
Digital Product Manager
Marco Zanchi
Backend Developer
Carlos Lallana
Backend Developer

Our values

At Bullfinch, we embody four core values that are essential to our culture and the way we work.