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Solar systems, battery storage, wallboxes and heat pumps

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With Bullfinch, you can offer your customers financing for heat pumps, battery storage systems and solar systems in installments or installment plan on a tariff model.


from 89,99 €
Start into a clean future without any upfront costs and enjoy a comprehensive range of technologies that will transform your home into an energy oasis. Start using the energy of the future today.


from 109,99 €
The all-inclusive package for maximum convenience and security. In addition to all the benefits of the Optima package, the Bullfinch All-In tariff also offers a full repair and replacement service for a permanent energy supply

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Tap into new customer groups and sell up to 30 % more


Seamless integration into your existing processes with our software solution


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In 2 units we will give you all the tools you need to successfully provide your customers with our financing solutions.

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At Bullfinch, we pay particular attention to the quality of the modules installed. If you install modules that are not on the whitelist provided by us, please get in touch with your contact person.
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We are Bullfinch

We are an international team of industry experts and digital creatives based in Berlin, Frankfurt, Barcelona, Madrid and Zurich.


Frequently asked questions

What role do you play as an installer in the collaboration?

The installer handles the distribution and installation of the rental model on Bullfinch's behalf. This includes the planning, purchasing and installation of the electrical equipment as well as all necessary applications and registrations. Bullfinch takes care of all aspects of financing, i.e. customer checks, contracting and pricing.

What hardware can be installed?

We have standardized whitelists for this purpose, which we constantly adapt and review to ensure the high quality of the systems. The selection is based on technical and ESG features. Contact our service staff to find out more. If you install systems that are not currently on our whitelist, we can add them after a brief review.

How does the confirmation of the customer/project proceed?

Once we have received all the customer data and project data, we can say within minutes whether a customer profile is generally suitable for our products. This can be deliberately triggered very early in the sales process so that both you and the customer know whether the project is eligible for installment plan or installment plan. The customer's final confirmation takes longer, but is started in parallel with your detailed technical planning.

How does project acceptance work?

First the customer must have been accepted by Bullfinch as described in the above points. Furthermore, all data points and documents requested to date must be uploaded via software and accepted by Bullfinch. This happens automatically. The automatically generated contract document must then be signed online by the customer via an e-mail link. Finally, we request the above-mentioned data points and documents from the technical documentation. Once these have been uploaded in appropriate quality, the project is automatically accepted by Bullfinch.

What does the software provided by Bullfinch include?

Bullfinch has developed a complete digital route that can be accessed via cell phone, tablet and computer. All customer and project data is collected here and an initial price for the monthly installments is generated in real time. The software also generates the contract, which is then sent to the customer in digital form by e-mail for signature. Last but not least, you can use the software to document project adjustments and provide the final documentation. Our software accompanies you through the entire process, i.e. from customer acceptance to completed installation.

With Bullfinch, you will be able to offer your customers solar systems, storage systems, heat pumps and wallboxes in a tariff model in the future.
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